Regularly Offered Courses

I teach the following classes through the Center for Creative Writing year-round:

Writing through Trauma to Truth, Parts 1&2

Writing about trauma is often an attempt to make sense and meaning; to unravel what can’t easily be felt or said; to stitch torn cloth together again with well-crafted words that make, from struggle, something good and beautiful and true – for yourself and for future readers. Read the full course description.

Writing the Wave, Parts 1-4

Writing the Wave is an organic approach to writing that will jump-start your creative process and free the writer inside you—even if you’re just starting or have been struggling for years. Working with both your creative and analytical mind through a series of imagination-boosting techniques, the course has helped thousands of aspiring writers get to the page and thrive there. Read the full course description.

Writing Your Web Presence

You know the hows and whys of starting a blog. Now you need to generate some quality content. On a blog, you can write about anything you want as long as you have a strong “voice.” You can blog on one topic or many, but a strong voice allows you to wander with your creativity while staying in “niche.” Read the full course description.

Independent Study Options

I periodically accept independent students for Generative Writing and Private Writing Guidance.

Generative Writing

Generative writing sessions are designed to get you writing. Enjoy the benefits of weekly deadlines and regular, in-depth feedback from your teacher as you develop new or existing projects. These sessions follow the same format, pricing (includes a free consultation), and schedule as our regular six-week courses, but without formal assignments. Read the full description.

Private Writing Guidance

Whether you want to polish or publish your writing, the Center offers expert, one-on-one guidance for the next stage of the process such as first reader, copy editor, manuscript midwife or content editor. Read the full description.

All courses run for six weeks and utilize the Wet Ink platform. Please consult the 2024 session dates below:

  • Jan. 9-Feb. 22 
  • Feb. 27-April 11
  • April 16-May 30 *now enrolling*
  • June 4-July 18
  • July 23-Sept. 5
  • Sept. 10-Oct. 24
  • Oct. 29-Dec. 12

Sliding Scale Options

I recognize that not everyone is able to access the classes I teach through various institutions. For that reason, in addition to these regularly scheduled courses, I take 2-3 private students per month for courses priced on a sliding scale of $75-125. These sessions typically last 4 weeks and are scheduled with me via email. Generally, I reserve these spaces for queer, BIPOC or differently-abled individuals, and includes anyone on a fixed income. Course goals are curated to client need. Coursework is assigned and completed through email exchange. However, video conferencing is an option.

Payment can be made through Paypal, Venmo, CashApp or Zelle. Email me using the form on my Contact Page to set up one of these sessions.

Retreats & Workshops

I generally teach single-session workshops or weekend retreats on a quarterly schedule.

Discovering Your Memoir

This is a dynamic five-week writing course designed to help participants explore the rich tapestry of their lives and discover the unique stories waiting to be told. Through a series of engaging exercises and discussions, students will uncover their hidden memories, embrace their vulnerability and develop a deeper connection with their personal narratives.

Students will be given in-class writing assignments with the expectation that they will further develop their work between classes and bring it to the next class for discussion. At-home writing development should take about 20 minutes.

  • Mondays, April 29-June 3 (no class May 27)
  • 11:00 AM- 12:30 PM
  • $85
  • In-Person at JRC, 1933 West Cornwallis Road, Durham, NC 27705

Register here beginning April 9.

Writing True & Difficult Stories

This five-week course delves into the transformative power of expressive writing, with a specific emphasis on crafting true and difficult stories. Participants will explore how expressive writing serves as a therapeutic outlet for release and recovery. Through engaging readings, interactive discussions and hands-on writing exercises, students will develop the skills needed to articulate and navigate their own personal and challenging stories. Students will be encouraged to actively participate in class discussions and seek feedback on their writing throughout the course.

Students will be given in-class writing assignments with the expectation that they will further develop their work between classes and bring it to the next class for discussion. At-home writing development should take about 20 minutes.

  • Mondays, Apr 29-Jun 3 (no class May 27)
  • 9:00 AM- 10:30 AM
  • $85
  • In-Person at JRC, 1933 West Cornwallis Road, Durham, NC 27705.

Register here beginning April 9.

Becoming the Second Person

Do you have a painful and true story you find yourself reliving each time you try to tell it? What about a story that’s stuck inside you because it feels too raw to be writeable, too vulnerable to be readable? Is being able to tell that story without suffering the key to releasing yourself from the trauma of the narrative?

What if you found out there is a way to create safe distance while still telling that hard story? To minimize trauma and (re)gain control of your narrative by no longer being your story’s first person?

What if you could be your story’s second person?

We will explore these questions and practice writing ourselves from the second person in this two-hour generative workshop.

June 2, 2-4PM
$75, $100. Scholarships available. Please contact
3 minimum, 12 maximum
Register here.

Does It Have To Be a Memoir?

Recording our personal stories can be a taxing process, especially when we think of sharing them beyond our often very small circle of trusted readers. As writers, we draw our inspiration from life, observed and experienced. We then weave those truths artfully into stories that convey the distilled essence of our true stories, but does that mean we are writing memoir? How closely do we have to stick to the truth? What liberties are we allowed to take? When is it better to write fiction than fact? And how can we have integrity as writers if we are changing the narrative to meet our own writerly goals?

In this two-hour Zoom workshop, we will come together as a group and address these questions. Writers will be assigned reading the week prior to meeting in order to facilitate discussion. Based on what we uncover, we will practice writing our truths and fictions. Writers will be encouraged to share their work in order to support and learn from one another. All attendees will have the opportunity to submit work generated in this course for additional written feedback by the instructor.

July 21, 2-4PM
Cost $75, $100. Scholarships available. Please contact
3 minimum, 12 maximum
Register here.

Collaboration & Hosting

I am open to scheduling collaborative workshops with queer, BIPOC, and differently-abled individuals. If this is you, please reach out to me via the form on my Contact Page. I’d love to hear more about what you think we can do together.

Likewise, I would love to hear from you if you know of a place you would love to see my courses offered.

In short, if you’d like to work with me, reach out to me. I’d love to hear from you!