Course Duration: 5 weeks

Course Overview:
"Discovering Your Memoir" is a dynamic 5-week writing course designed to help participants explore the rich tapestry of their lives and discover the unique stories waiting to be told. Through a series of engaging exercises and discussions, students will uncover hidden memories, embrace vulnerability, and develop a deeper connection with their personal narratives.

Week 1: The Art of Self-Reflection
- Understanding the power of self-reflection in memoir writing
- Exploring different methods of introspection and journaling
- Reflective writing exercises to delve into personal experiences
- Identifying recurring themes and patterns in your life

Week 2: Memory and Imagination
- Navigating the intersection of memory and imagination in memoir
- Techniques for unlocking buried memories and emotions
- Writing exercises to expand and enhance memories through imagination
- Discussing ethical considerations in blending fact and fiction

Week 3: Visual Storytelling
- Incorporating visual elements into your memoir
- Exploring the use of photographs, artwork, and other visuals
- Writing prompts to evoke memories associated with visuals
- Guest speaker: A visual artist or photographer discussing collaboration with writers

Week 4: Experimenting with Style and Form
- Breaking free from traditional narrative structures
- Exploring experimental forms, such as collage, vignettes, and lists
- Writing exercises to experiment with different styles
- Group discussion on the effectiveness of varied forms

Week 5: Themes and Reflection on Personal Growth
- Identifying overarching themes in your life story
- Reflecting on personal growth and transformation
- Writing exercises to convey growth and change in your memoir
- Crafting a reflective conclusion to your memoir excerpt

Assessment and Deliverables:
- Weekly writing assignments focusing on self-reflection and experimentation
- Active participation in group discussions and peer critiques
- Submission of a creative and experimental excerpt from your memoir
- Final reflection on the discovery process and the evolution of your memoir project

Recommended Materials:
- Journal or writing notebook for daily reflections and exercises
- Visual materials (photos, art supplies) for Week 3
- Openness to experimentation and trying new writing styles

"Discovering Your Memoir" aims to guide participants through a creative and introspective journey, encouraging them to push boundaries and uncover the unique narrative threads that make their memoirs truly distinctive. Students will leave the course with a deeper understanding of their own stories and a set of creative tools to continue their memoir writing exploration.